About us

Founded in the summer of 2016 and based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Storage Shepherd is an award-winning community marketplace for people to list, find & reserve storage & car parking places online.

Whether if it’s a couple of boxes in a wardrobe for a week, or a room full of furniture for a couple of months, Storage Shepherd connects people to an alternative, more affordable & more convenient storage or parking solutions. Storage Shepherd allows people to monetise the extra space that they already have & showcase it to the local community around them.


Max – Founder + CEO

Meet Max – Max has been working with start-ups for several years. His passion for start-ups was developed during his time working with the Rise Up Entrepreneurial Development Service at Newcastle University. He is a huge fan of the sharing economy as he believes it builds a community in a way that traditional businesses are unable to do.

‘The community is at the heart of everything we do. The Sharing Economy is growing because people trust other people and that is the driving force behind Storage Shepherd.’

Jeffery – Co-Founder + COO

Meet Jeffery – Jeffery has a solid background the sciences & business, partly through Rise Up. It is there that Jeffery met Max & decided to join the company in the early stages as he believes Storage Shepherd has the potential to revolutionise the storage industry and massively reduce our carbon footprint.

“There are currently over 1,000 self-storage warehouses in the UK alone and more are being built each year. This will make a real difference to our impact on the planet. Why don’t we use the existing free space that we already have? If we can save people some money as well then that is a great added bonus.”

David - Lead Web Developer

Meet David – David has a wealth of experience in web design and development which includes front and back end programming, visual design and user experience.

Verified & Insured

Insurance up to £500 is automatically provided for the storer through our third party insurance provider. Details can be found in our insurance policy.

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